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Picturesque New England Bed and Breakfast

Posted by Darlene McKenzie


From the Gilded Age until today, Newport RI has been known as a dynamic, romantic and historical resort destination. Its reputation began with the giant "summer cottages" of the mid nineteenth century and then moved on to large hotels. Often overlooked is the key role bed and breakfasts, Newport RI have played in the first resort of America. The image of the picturesque New England bed and breakfast is an enduring attraction and for many an irresistible one. Today, choosing your lodgings in a Bed and breakfast can save you time and money and afford you the best locations on the Island. Because of the B&B's intimate setting, the Innkeepers, their staff and guests, can lead you towards a deeper, more intimate experience, maximizing your time and opportunity to see the best of what Newport RI has to offer . When you compare the locations of most commercial hotels, you will find yourself outside the charm of the island. When looking for a Bed and Breakfast in Newport RI, keep in mind: The quality of the establishment is very good, the service, unparallel, the cleanliness exceptional and the owners and staff members want to help you, they find joy in being kind and making others happy. Most of the bed and breakfast in Newport, RI are tucked away in quite private residential areas. For a list of Bed and breakfasts in Newport RI, we recommend you explore the site of www.newportinns.com. On this site, you will find a consortium of well run Bed and breakfasts. The website: http://www.bedandbreakfast.com/  will give you additional information on Newport, RI as well as future prospects.  It is a surprise to us that of all the lodgings booked each year, bed and breakfasts are only 5% of the total. .  . Although that figure is increasing each year. Once you stay in a Bed and breakfast, you will return to a bed and breakfast . . . it's one of the best ways to experience your get-a-way.

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