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Making the perfect pancake

Posted by Darlene McKenzie


Besides being excellent, light meal fare, pancakes are easy to prepare and  require no tricky techniques. A few pointers will ensure success.

Mixing the Batter: Begin by combining all of the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and stirring them together until they're well combined. Beat the whole eggs or egg whites (if you are watching your cholesterol) in another mixing bowl, one that's large enough to also hold the liquid ingredients.

Stir the liquid ingredients quickly into the dry ingredients. To make your pancakes light and tender, stir the batter just until the ingredients are combined but still slightly lumpy, over-mixing destroys the air bubbles in the batter, resulting in heavy, tough pancakes, do this by hand mixing.

One of the secrets to producing great pancakes is to use a griddle or heavy skillet that heats evenly. (The Ivy Lodge uses a cast iron griddle, which gives the pancakes a crispy outer edge.)

Our recipes call for cooking pancakes on a lightly greased griddle or skillet. Wait until your griddle is heated to medium heat before pouring the pancake batter on it. (You can test the griddle by dripping a few drops of water on it. If the water dances over the surface, the griddle is ready.

For a nice round pancake, pour your batter on the griddle from a measuring cup, a pitcher or a small gravy ladle with a spout that will give an even flow. Whatever you use, hold it close to the griddle surface and pour into a pool that will spread out into an even shape. Don't crowd your griddle - the pancakes will cook better if they don't run together. As your pancakes are cooking, keep an eye on the griddle temperature, if too hot, it will start to smoke, lower the heat. The more pancakes you make the easier it will become to determine the ideal temperature. The pancakes are ready to turn when the undersides are golden brown and the top surfaces are evenly covered with tiny unbroken bubbles. Use the edge of a spatula to carefully check if the undersides are browned, carefully lift just enough to check the color, don't lift the entire pancake and break contact with the griddle, this will have an effect on the texture. When the pancakes are golden brown on both sides, remove them from the griddle - and enjoy!

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