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Here in Newport we have a rich and diverse history, so much that you may feel overwhelmed when figuring out what you should see and when to see it! You could go on a convential tour and be scheduled for so much time at a certain site and then move on to the next. Convential tours also have many people at a time in large groups and sometimes uncomfortable bus rides. But don't despair, thankfully there is the Newport Tour & Guide Company, who specialize in small, private tours of Newport.



 The Newport Tour & Guide Company specializes in small, private tours of 2-5 people. They offer driving tours, but also include over a dozen opportunites to stop and visit historical sites, not just drive by. They can accommodate anything: photography, culinary delights, rest stops, shopping. Anything that you want to do, they'll make the stop; whenever and wherever. If there's someplace you want to spend more time, it's your tour.


colonial_tourAlong with creating your own tour, the Newport Tour & Guide Company offers two pre-planned tours: Colonial Newport Tour or Queen of Resorts Tour. The Colonial tour is a 3 hour journey that immerses you in the most historically intact city of America. Newport is home to the largest number of pre-revolutionary buildings, and this tour allows you to enjoy the culture and history behind them. You can visit places such as the Redwood Library, the oldest lending library and oldest library building in continuous use in the country, or the Touro Synagogue, America's oldest synagogue.


The Queen of Resorts tour is a trip through the Gilded Age of Newport. Newport was once known as the “Queen of Resorts,” and has the densest collection of grand homes in America, hence the name of the tour. In this tour you will have the opportunity to visit my personalMarble House Gold Room favorite, Marble House mansion. It is a grandiose estate, with over 500,000 cubic feet of marble. The cost at the time of building was around $11 million, which in today's money is around $300 million. One of the rooms, the Gold Room, is modeled after the Salon De Hercules at the palace of Versailles, France.  The greatest part of this 3 hour tour is that is private with you and your personal guests.


If you wish for more information about these tours, the Newport Tour & Guide company is open every day from 8am - 7pm and can be contacted at (401) 864-0392

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