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Bicycling in Newport - Bike to Work Day May 18th

Posted by Darlene McKenzie


Newport is such a beautiful place to stay and visit. Arguably the best way to enjoy Newport is by bicycle. On a bike you can still appreciate the outdoors like walking, but you can also get to places in a quicker fashion than if you were on foot.


Cyclers in Newport


Newport is a very bike-friendly place. In the summer months biking is actually peferable to driving to avoid the traffic and congestion on the roads; not to mention you save at the pump, with summer gas prices always being so high. Biking in Newport is so enjoybale, in fact, we have a company devoted to it: Bike Newport. 


Bike Newport describes itself as everyone in Newport who cares about improving bike friendliness, safety, access, courtesy, health, fitness, enterprise and planning.” Their mission is to make Newport, our City by the Sea, a model of bike smarts and bike friendliness. 


On Friday, May 18th Bike Newport, along with others, will be sponsoring “Newport Bike to Work Day.” There will be many events during the day kicking off at Washington Square, such as bicycle tours to the Newport Mansions, a bike fair featuring music, food, vendors and many more things bicycle, or free admission to The Breakers if you show up on your bicycle.


Bike Newport's website is a wealth of information, with a bike map of Newport that details the best bike-friendly routes in the city. They also have oodles of safety information and a full list of upcoming bike related events, such as group get-togethers and rides.  There are also many bike racks around Newport for you to hook up to.



A bike rack in Newport

(A bike rack in Newport) 



Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling.” ~James E. Starrs 

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