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Fort Adams: Atlantic Cup Championship Arrives In Newport

Posted by Darlene McKenzie

2013 Atlantic Cup 

May 25-May 26 2013

Race will be held between 11am -4pm

Admission: Free!

The busy season is upon us, and we are all gearing up for Memorial Day weekend.  With so much to do in Newport one can get ambushed with itineraries, places to go and people to see, why not take a relaxing day to enjoy one of our seasonal sailing races?   Situated at the mouth of the Newport Harbor is Fort Adams, where you can experience a small piece of Newport’s History while enjoying panoramic views of the east passage of the Narragansett Bay.   Coming to us on this Memorial Day weekend is the largest and only dedicated class 40 race in the United States, the 2013 Atlantic Cup.  Enjoy the great property of Fort Adams with your friends and family; while munching on a picnic lunch, or enjoy our local concessions, as the commentators introduce the race participants in their last leg of the race. Just a brief drive down scenic Ocean drive from the Ivy Lodge one could experience a showcase of nautical tactics and athleticism for the crews and a must see for all ages to enjoy, with many things to do both on and off the shore.  For more information go to www.atlanticcup.org.

fort adams

Sponsored by the 11th Hour Racing, the 2013 Atlantic Cup will display some of the top class 40 sailors in the United States and the world as they compete for this prestigious title. Approaching the conclusion of the second leg in the race sailors will have had to make great strife’s while migrating from New York, around the coasts of Block Island and venture south to the coasts of Newport.  Once in Newport the teams will be challenged with changing their boats to an inshore mode and race with a maximum of six person crew to obtain the title of this year’s Atlantic Cup champions.   As you can see below the crews have had a long journey to our little coast, but we are certainly in for a big show!describe the image

 Check out the Atlantic Cup Trailor, and see whats yet to come to Newport!

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